Making Small Basement Bar Ideas

Oak Basement Bar Cabinets

Small basement bar ideas do not always have to be a sad space where boxes can be stored. It can be a fully functional home where you can relax after a hard day’s work and crack open a drink or just lounge and watch the big game with friends. All that is required is a little money and space.


Organize the things you want to include in the basement. Choose the bar, lighting, games like a pool table or arcade games, TV and a jukebox for music. Atmosphere is crucial; you want it to be convenient for you and your guests. Measure each object to see if it will fit into the basement and determine how much space is needed in total. Lighting is an important feature of the bar; you do not want light bulbs from above or light bulbs that are dull and tiring. Many different lighting options for bars are at online stores like the Venue Supply Company. These lights can have a fun and genuine look in your bar. Lighting should be placed before anything else; Most are completely mobile devices that can be moved many times to get the right feeling.

Place the bar near a wall so at least one person can stand behind it and make drinks comfortable without feeling trapped. The person behind the counter should face the rest of the bar items and machines. You should stock the bar with spirits that you and your friends like, and that have a good sustainability. You can store beer in a small refrigerator next to the bar. Keep a lot of beer in stock for everyone. Shot glass, cups and mugs should be stored in the bar.