Make Your Own Home Office Wall Organizer

Wall Organizer With Calendar

Home Office Wall Organizer – The use of wall space is a great way to organize small things in your home without too many items on the floor. Recycle your leftover cans to create decorative wall organizers to control your scattered office equipment, arts and crafts supplies, and even kitchen utensils. Also, use your homemade organizer to display small ornaments and figures on the wall instead of end tables or curio cabinets.

Soak several coffee cans in hot water to remove the labels. Use as many boats as you wish to create your wall organizer. Dry the cans thoroughly, removing all water droplets. Cut several sheets of decorative paper with the same size as the cans you are using. Wrap a sheet of paper around each can and adhere with double-sided tape.

Place the cans in any shape or design you want with the openings in each looking in the same direction. Brush a small amount of rubber cement on the side of each coffee can and then place them back to the shape you created. Press gently each set can adhere to the cement. Allow the rubber glue to dry according to the instructions on the label. Keep the wall organizer against the wall. Use a power screwdriver to screw through the bottom of several cans to secure the organizer to the wall.