Luxury Diy Laundry Room Shelves

Basket Shelves Laundry Room

What appliances to adopt for a smart diy laundry room shelves? Who says laundry, says cleaning and ironing of linen, bed linen and clothes. To equip a laundry and make it more practical, there are not 1001 ideas. A washing machine and a foldable clotheshorse remains the bare minimum to have. Too impatient to wait for the laundry to dry on its own? Let yourself be tempted by a dryer or a washer-dryer, a two-in-one device that combines the functions of washing and drying.

Tip to know if your laundry area is riquiqui: place washing machine and dryer – with front opening of course – in column , to hunt for lost square meters. Finally, if you have enough room, complete your paraphernalia with an ironor a steam power station, luxury, and an ironing board worthy of the name. You are ready.

Once the technical elements have taken place in the laundry room, the question arises of storage, and god knows that it takes in this multifunction room! On the shelves , two schools compete. To my left, the pro open shelves , both simple and convenient access, but can also more easily take the dust. On my right, fans of closed shelves , often ideal to make a clean place. Once again, we leave you the choice.