Little Trick And A Lot Of Ideas Laundry Room Remodeling

Bathroom Laundry Room

Laundry room remodeling – When you have the opportunity to have a laundry room, or a laundry area, arrange it in a functional way requires a little trick and a lot of ideas. What furniture and storage to adopt? Which disposition to favor? Where to place the washing machine? Answers to all these questions to optimize the laundry as a pro! Technical room by definition, the laundry deserves all our attention. Wash, dry, iron, or even store some household products … Its uses being multiple, the laundry must be practical .

The goal ? Facilitate the daily chores – laundry, ironing – to save valuable time. Before embarking on the layout of the laundry room, here are the tips, tricks and deco ideas to know. From the furniture to choose from, to the storage space to the appliance  – washing machine and dryer – everything, everything, everything, you will know everything to build a laundry at the top!

At home, the area dedicated to washing and ironing can occupy a room in itself. In the basement, adjoining the garage or near the entrance, the laundry room usually does not exceed ten square meters . A good enough surface to install a machine and a tumble dryer, even a combination of both, and a few well thought out storage units.