Laundry Sink With Cabinet Design

Modern Laundry Sink With Cabinet

Laundry sink with cabinet – You can build a simple sink with cabinet out of a few simple plywood boards and then cover it with laminate. This is a great way to improve the look of your bathroom, while saving money in the process. This vanity is utilitarian in nature, since it has a superior face and framing, but no drawers.

Measure the width and depth of space available for your vanity top with a tape measure and then transfer the results to your 1-inch plywood thickness. Cut two identical pieces of plywood to match the measurements with a table saw. Apply a thin layer of construction adhesive on top of a sheet of plywood and then stack the sheets one on top of the other. Hold the sheets together with bar clamps and wait 24 hours for the drying time.

Cut a piece of laminate extraction slightly wider than the thickness of the new countertop with a razor blade. Apply the laminated glue to the back of the laminate strip and on the countertop side. Wait for the glue to dry to the touch. Although it dries to the touch, it still sticks to itself. Place the end of the strip of laminate against the edge end of the countertop and then roll over the edge of the countertop with a roll of laminate.