Laundry Room Table Idea

Laundry Room Cabinet

Laundry room table – The laundry in a house is an extremely useful and functional area. As long as it can be located in a room separate from the bathroom or the kitchen. The laundry, if we have space to have one, is one of the parts of the house to which we pay less attention, but we spend the day washing and ironing. If we have it organized we will save a lot of time. But, that’s what it is about!

One of the ironing laundry table ikea is a “tuneado” compact ironing board. For this table is from IKEA, some wheels have been added. And a wooden board cut to size (in DIY stores you can buy wood of different thickness, quality and can be cut as you prefer). With a fleece have lined the ironing board, with this type of cars you have drawers and you can put on the shelf baskets to have everything neat.

With a piece of laundry room table with storage furniture you will have solved the storage of dirty clothes. Now you just have to think how you can better organize it, by name, by colors. Even, with some slate labels that you can stick on some cardboard and tie with a ribbon or rope in each box you will have solved. So, you can enjoy your loundy room now.