Lasting Beauty Of Black Granite Sink

Black Drop In Kitchen Sink

Black granite sink – A lasting beauty is even more attractive. A granite sink not only scratch-resistant and cleans easily, but is also beautifully design. It is always with pride that you will show the style, the neat workmanship and the perfect functionality. These are all good reasons to invest in a granite sink. Granite contains up to 80% quartz, the hardest granite component. The material is bonded using a high quality acrylic resin, which gives the sink incredible strength.

In addition, our granite sinks do not require chemical cleaning products, which helps reduce the amount of chemicals entering the water supply. Black granite in the family kitchen comes in all shapes and sizes. Thankfully, we have integrated our own disinfection technology into our granite. Result? A sink that retains its beautiful appearance while remaining hygienic, whatever the use.

For example : Bacterial growth greatly reduced: The amount of microbes can double every 20 minutes. The unique treatment of our granite reduces this phenomenon, which favors a more efficient cleaning. Wear Resistant: Black granite sinks resist staining, peeling and heat to a temperature of 536 ° F. Long life: Our quartz sand, mixed with colored particles, is baked at a temperature of 1112 ° F. The result is uniform color and permanent light resistance.