Laminate Basement Carpet Tile

Carpet Tiles For Basement

Basement carpet tile is made by bonding a patterned surface to a core. The surface is then covered with a hard surface to create a product that is durable and easy to maintain. Do-it-yourself installation of laminate in the basement is a fairly simple process when the existing floor has been established. The simple groove and spring system used to snap the planks together require very few tools.

Before you start

Check your cellar for moisture. Excessive exposure to water can cause laminate flooring not to stick to the surface. If you have moisture, find the source and fix it before you begin. The substrate must be clean, smooth and smooth. Fill dips with screed and chip or sand away rising. If the floor is very uneven, consider building a plywood subfloor above the concrete basement floor to install laminate. If you have carpet on the basement floor, it and the upholstery must be removed.

Bring laminate boxes into the basement for at least 48 hours before starting installation so the planks can acclimatize to the humidity in the house. Make sure the floor temperature is at least 59 degrees F and the room temperature will remain at least 65 degrees F during installation and for a few days afterwards.