Interior Characteristics Of Modern Craftsman House

Traditional Craftsman House Plans

Modern Craftsman House – A house of Arts and Crafts, the home of artisanal style, was the American response to the overabundance and heavy decoration of the Victorian era. Known for its simplicity, the original craftsman’s homes were built mainly between 1900 and 1916. However, the elements of the craftsman live in and still can be built, a new house of artisanal style.

Usually built from native materials for the site or region, craftsman style houses emphasize natural products. Stone fireplaces and exposed brick or stone walls add interior detail and reflect light. Designed for form and function, artisan homes often have open beamed ceilings, which make the rooms look larger and more open. Stone or wooden floors to complete the look, bringing another element of the natural outdoor world indoors.

After the dark colors sometimes the Victorian style, Arts and Crafts style architecture lightened things up a bit. Craft-type homes usually have asymmetric or grouped windows. Large groupings of windows in living rooms or dining rooms have also frequently incorporated into the window seats below them. Built-in shelves, window seats, and other components are a big part of the artisan’s aesthetic. The rooms have a design for both form and function, and built-ins provide the function while saving space. Recessed, moldings and other elements of wood that expose are create in any of the colors of dark wood or light and are often left completely natural.