Instructions To Install Kitchen Corner Sink

Corner Kitchen Sink Countertop Models

Kitchen Corner Sink – A corner kitchen sink mounts in a manner similar to a normal sink. That is only mounted in the corner of the countertop instead of in the middle. For a color, even installation, make sure your countertop area is clean and perfectly flat at the corners. You need most of the same tools and skills to install a corner sink like any other type of sink. So, if you have installed sinks before this, you are in good shape.

Remove the existing heat sink where appropriate by shutting off the water supply to the cabinets by hand, disconnecting the supply hoses with a wrench, and loosening the mounting clamps along the edge of the sink with faucet pliers. Lift the heat sink off the counter. Fit the new corner sink template on the top of the counter in the corner. Drill a pilot hole with an electric drill and drill 1/8 inch into a corner of your mark.

Install the mounting clips along the edges of the sink by sliding them over the edge and tightening the screws. Place the heat sink in the hole in the countertop. Tighten the heat sink mounting clips with clamps to secure the countertop sink. Slide the new faucet into the mounting hole in the sink. Run a silicone ring around the edge of the sink to seal the water inlet and let it dry for 24 hours.