Installing Porcelain Tile Wood Look

Modern Porcelain Tile Wood Look

Porcelain tile wood look, one of the most appreciated materials and that is really good both in floors and walls for homes and commercial premises. Install porcelain tile wood look on a solid, dry and clean subfloor. The tiles can be installed on top of the vinyl floors in good condition. Remove any other floor coverings, including any adhesive on the floor. In some cases, a new plywood substrate is installed on the old pavement. Apply wood filler putty to joints in the subfloor and any nail holes or other depressions in the floor.

Fit two chalk lines each equidistant from two opposite walls. The intersection of these lines is the center of the room. Start at the central intersection and apply tiles one quadrant at a time. Then, apply the appropriate adhesive to the subfloor with a notched trowel. Work in small areas, apply adhesive to a space that will be able to tile in a half hour. Cutting tiles with a wet diamond saw as necessary. The placement of the tile with uniform and straight seams between each tile is the key to a finished product of good appearance.

Allow the tile to set at least 24 hours after installation before applying the grout. Use a grout bag to insert grout into the joints between tiles. Use nozzles with sand for seams more than 1/8 inch, and grout without sand for smaller seams. The work of the grout in the joints using injection tools.