Installing Kohler Pedestal Sink

Best Kohler Pedestal Sink

Kohler pedestal sink is a good choice for a small bathroom or vanity. While they do not offer any storage below them, most models have a wide enough edge that can show a few small items. Choose from round, oval or square sink designs that have complementary bases to hide sight plumbing pipes. Kohler sinks are available in many colors and materials, including porcelain, cast iron and refractory clay.

Because the water and drains are behind the pedestal part of a Kohler sink, you must take careful measures, and when you install the tubing and the sink, to make room for both. The hot and cold water supply lines and their valves must be close together so that they are not visible behind the pedestal. With the tubes fixed in the vicinity, with less room to maneuver to connect the accessories, especially the drain pipe. Check with your building code official before starting this project. Many municipalities require a licensed plumber to install pipes.

Connect the pedestal to the sink, following the instructions of your Kohler sink model. Once it is assembled, it is heavy so you may want to get some help. Set the sink in position against the wall and keep them tilted. Mark the location of the anchor holes against the wall, making sure you are marking against a pole. Make a similar mark on the ground. Adjust the sink and pedestal on one side as you drill guide holes through the wall and floor in the marked locations.