Install Wall Mounted Sink Ideas

Wall Mounted Sink Design

Wall mounted sink are a good option for bathrooms with limited space or that need to be adapted for disabled people. Wall-mounted sinks are installed without a dresser or cabinet under them, allowing easy access for wheelchairs. Without the cabinet, the sinks also look smaller, making small bathrooms look bigger. It is not difficult to install a model sink mounted on the wall, but it does require a little experience with plumbing and carpentry.

Ideas for install wall mounted sink mark a vertical center line above the drain pipe on the wall using a level. Use a level to make a horizontal line through the center line at the desired mounting height of the sink. Measure the distance between the centers of the mounting holes on the back of the model wall-mounted heat sink. Measure the same distance along the horizontal line, centered on the vertical line. For example, if the distance between the holes is 10 inches. And then measure 5 inches on each side of the vertical line along the horizontal line.

Use a stud finder to check for a wooden post or mounting plate behind the mounting holes. If the plate is not present, one will have to be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s sink instructions. After installing the plate, measure and mark the location of the mounting holes again.