Install Small Shower Tile Ideas

Perfect Small Shower Tile Ideas

Small shower tile ideas – If you have a small shower and you are thinking about installing a plastic shower surround, why not tile instead? A small stall is the perfect place to try your hand at the tiled shower. The process is the same as with a larger tiled shower project, but it is a more manageable size.

How to install small shower tile ideas. Draw a vertical line through the center of the wall of a shower, from top to bottom, with the level and pencil. Draw a horizontal line along the bottom of the wall of a shower; put the line of the plant by the size of a tile plus 1/4 of an inch. Make sure the line is level. Use your trowel tiling to apply thin-set mortar along the bottom of the wall from the ground to beyond the horizontal line. You can still see the line through the mortar.

Press the bottom row of tiles in the mortar, below the horizontal line, from either side of the vertical line that is in the center. Put spacers between the tiles as it hangs. Cut the tiles at the ends in your wet saw to fit. Put the rest of the tiles on the wall by row, building from below and from each row on the vertical center line. Put separators between all of them. Use your wet saw to cut the tiles around the shower fixtures as needed.