Incredible Ideas Sunroom Shades

Blind Sunroom Shades

What color are the sunroom shades? Most of us would say that the shadows are dark or black … And in pureness that is when there is a single source of light … But you can create a lot of “shadows” of colors if instead of putting totally opaque objects we put in front of the sun elements of translucent colors. In reality it is a mixture of shadows and light colored with color, but do not tell me that the result is not precious!

An incredible option is to play storytelling with shadows. Children can interpret with their own body, with puppets or Chinese shadows. The only thing to keep in mind is that the sun is behind the sheet, so that the shadows are created. Another super simple option is to go out to paint and draw outdoors. Can you trace the shadows? And after a while, what happens? Does the traced image match the shadow?

Light is also reflected in liquid surfaces. In the puddles we can see a lot of interesting things … from the reflection in the strict sense (when the water acts as a mirror) to the shadows. If you look at the image … you can see the trees and the swing reflected in the water but you can also see shadows of branches, which start in the surrounding land and end in the water.