Ikea Home Office Decorate

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Ikea Home Office –  The way we used our home changed. The home office space is important as well as modern homes. It is important that you have a business, working independently, having children who need a place to study and surf. ‘It’s all about using your home in a different way,’ says Judith from your Home Architect. ‘I got the real pleasure of working and being home. I love the fact that I can make myself a good cup of coffee, wash and enjoy the scenery when I feel like that. ‘

A more affordable computer, faster internet connection, and Wi-Fi appearance means it’s easier to connect to the outside world, but it’s important for you to plan your office space effectively. The perfect home office should look like your other home, but of course practical, ergonomic and functional as well. When working from home, it is important to remember some basic ergonomics. Sitting badly can increase the load on your lumbar almost 200 percent compared to the stand.

Make sure you sit back to your chair that your backs are supported. The knee should be lower than the hips, to put your spine into a neutral position. Stay on top desktop computers instead of laptop computers as they have screens at eye level. If you have a laptop, spend it in a stand so that the screen is for eye level to prevent you bending (you also need a USB keyboard). Having a supported weapon will take pressure from your neck and shoulders. If you can not, remember to take a normal break (five minutes every 40 minutes).