Ideas To Install Glass Wall Tile

Perfect Glass Wall Tile

Glass wall tile can transform a normal room into something special, and it is not hard to do. Best of all, it is not expensive to install glass wall tiles. There are several types of glass tiles, and some require special installation methods. The method for installing glass wall tiles described here works for regular glass or mirror tiles to make things themselves use. Maintain security first. Always wear thick gloves and safety glasses when working with glass.

Measure the length and height of the wall, and then multiply the figures by finding the square meters. To determine the number of tiles you need to buy. Add 10 percent to allow cutting tiles to fit around the edges. Remove any electrical outlet covers, baseboards and other obstructions. Inspect the wall carefully for holes or cracks. Use a spatula to fill the holes with putty. Sand any smooth irregular spots and then wash the wall so it has a smooth, clean surface to install glass wall tiles.

Look for the vertical in a corner using a plumb line. You can use a chalk line or simply a piece of weighted string and mark the line using a ruler and a pencil. If the corner of the wall is perfectly vertical, the wall of glass tiles can be installed flush with the corner. Otherwise, adjust this line so it leaves a gap at each end of the wall of approximately the same size.