Ideas To Install Glass Mosaic Tile

Perfect Glass Mosaic Tile

Glass mosaic tile has become increasingly popular in new homes. House models often feature small glass tiles in mosaic style used as kitchen splashes or used in bathroom screens. The glass adds a translucent quality and a flash. Many of the new forms of glass tiles are available and can be mixed with marble and other stones in long rectangular strips. These designs allow the glass to add a touch of color or shine, almost like a gemstone. The installation of glass mosaics may require considerable patience for the best result.

Spread thin layer white latex fortified mortar on the support. The surface where the tile you want to apply. White mortar is used to highlight the color of the glass tile. Then, use a 3/16 square tooth trowel at a 45 to 90 degree angle over the area where a sheet of mosaic tile will be installed. Then, attach the shoulders of the pallet. And also, place the glass tile facing each other face down on a work table and butter the tile back that contains the tiles together. Back butter means that a layer of mortar is applied to the back of the tile. Do not crush the shoulders of the pallet.

Place the mesh against the substrate wall. Make sure your tiles are level and even and clean any excess mortar. Then, press the tile sheet gently into the mortar using a rubber trowel. Then, recheck that the tiles are straight. As they can move when you press the tiles into position.