Ideas To Install Farmhouse Sink IKEA

Top Farmhouse Sink IKEA

Farmhouse sink IKEA – Farmhouse sinks, also known as apron sinks, can be impressive kitchen contact points because they are not only functional, but are also stylish in a variety of settings, including urban apartments. Whether you choose pure white porcelain, shiny hammered copper or sturdy stone look, a farmhouse is sure to be appealing for many years to come. Installing a farm sink differs from a standard sink installation so plan ahead.

Cut around the contours of the manufacturer delivered the counter top templates. If your sink did not come with templates, place a sheet of cardboard on the floor and place the sink up and down on the surface. Trace around it with a carpenter pen. Draw another line 1/4 inch in the original line and cut along the new line. This will be the cutting guide for the bench opening.

Place the second piece of cardboard against the front side of the sink. Track the outlines of the sink face. Cut along the current line to open this template for the apron in the front of the cabinet. Place the top carton template on the counter surface where you want to sink. Track the contours of the disk with your pen. Mount the front template, center it with the top, and track it around. Remember that the plate template will be 1/4 inch wider than the disk template.