Ideas To Cut Glass Subway Tile Backsplash

Great Glass Subway Tile Backsplash

Glass subway tile backsplash – The tiles of the subway are rectangular-shaped tiles that can be made of any material, including glass. While the normal size of a subway tile has the length of twice the size of its height. The new designs allow these tiles to have lengths three to four times their width. And the glass subway tiles are not an exception. These long, thin tiles are normally installed in a displacement pattern, which means that the final tiles need to be cut at least every two rows to measure. Cut these rectangular glass tiles consisting of using precision cutting tools.

Turn on the glass meter tile above and use a ruler pencil. And grease to mark where the cut will be made. Always mark and cut glass tiles on the back to prevent splintering or damage to the front of the tile. Where it will be visible after installation. Change the blade of the wet tile saw to a crystal diamond tile disk. Normal tile cutting tools skips the glass. The additional diamonds in a tile cutter glass sheet will help minimize the damage.

Turn on the saw and place the glass back of the subway tile up on the table. Align your pencil mark with the blade and push the tile onto the blade with your fingers on each side, away from the blade. Keep pressure light steady on the glass while moving through the blade, but do not push or exert too much pressure. Allow the cutting blade to continue until it slices clean through the tile. Turn off the saw, and recover the cut glass tile.