Ideas To Build Small Basement Bar

Charming Small Basement Ideas

A small basement bar can go a long way towards turning a boring basement into a fun meeting place. You do not need to have a well-stocked bar, great on hand to serve a good time. Some basic ideas for a small basement bar can get you started and help create the perfect small bar for your home.

The first step to creating a small basement bar is obviously the bar itself. If you are looking for a small, simple piece, you should not go to a great expense for a functional bar. Consider using a kitchen island for your basement bar or building your own bar in a simple, rectangular way. The most important features are cabinets under the storage bar and a nice cover for serving drinks. A mini-fridge or cooler under the bar may be enough to meet your needs. If you are going to serve a lot of beer, a refrigerator can be another good investment for your bar.

Most basement bars provide most of the seats in the form of stools on the opposite side of the bar. The size of your bar will determine how many stools you can comfortably place here. For a small basement bar, it can be limited to only two stools. If you prefer to use your counter for drinks then as a place to sit, you cannot use any stools at all. Providing two or three tables set around the bar can serve to be equally good.