Ideas Painting Laundry Room Door

Wonderful White Laundry Room Door

Laundry room door – While the doors of your laundry room can hide unattractive laundry equipment, if they are worn and faded, they can be an eyesore. Spiff up the doors of the laundry area with a coat of paint, making them or blend stand out. Choose a paint color that suits your taste to give these doors a fresh and updated look.

Lay a canvas on the floor in the area where you want to paint. Set two trestles, about 5 feet apart, on top of the tarp. Remove the door frames from the door. Remove the knobs from the doors with a screwdriver. Lay a door on top of the trestles. Set aside the other door. Clean the surface of the door with soapy water and a clean sponge. Clean the door with a clean cloth. Flip the door and wipe the opposite side of the door.

Remove any chipped paint by gently running a paint scraper over the chipped areas. Use a trowel to fill dents or holes with putty. Allow the putty to dry for four to five hours. Sand the surface of the door with fine-grained sandpaper to create a smooth, even surface. Clean the door with a clean, damp cloth. Flip the door and repeat the preparation process on the other side.