Ideas Of Subway Tile Shower

Grey Subway Tile Shower

Subway tile shower – Learning to put subway tiles is a simple do it yourself project with the proper preparation and patience. Preparation, start with a smooth and clean surface. For walls, patching holes and defects. Shower and bath rings should have cement support plate. In floors, a wooden subfloor or final cement ensures a better finished product.

And then, determine your tile pattern. The most common pattern for subway tiles is the running bond pattern, where grout lines are wobbled. Another popular model is the cat that establishes tiles in the form of columns. And then plan your design. Floor designs begin with tiling from the center point of the room and out towards the walls. Wall designs, including shower and tub rings, are centered on the back wall so that a full tile course is placed on top. Tiles from the bottom are cut to assemble, as are the side pieces.

Placement of the tile spread a thin layer of adhesive on the surface with the notched end of the trowel, holding it at a 45 degree angle. Then make sure you work in small sections to prevent the glue from drying out. Lay the first tile, sitting with a rotating movement. And then place the next tile, using the spacers at the corners for even the grout lines. Subway tiles with protruding pieces of the sides, called outgoing, do not need separators.