Ideas Hardwood To Tile Transition

Unique Hardwood To Tile Transition

Hardwood to tile transition – Wood and tile are popular alternatives to the carpet. Both are easy to clean, durable and beautiful. If you plan to use wood and tile floors in adjoining rooms, or within the same room. You will have to connect the two floors and transition between them. The transition between tile and hardwood can be as simple as a barrier or border, or you can create an interesting and artistic design mix of the two textures.

Use wooden floor tiles, also known as parquet floors, to create a wooden floor in one room, then a transition pattern that develops gradually in the other room. Start a scattered and irregular form of ceramic tiles or linoleum in a room, then have these tiles occur in the densest frequency until only a few scattered wooden tiles break the linoleum or ceramic floor before completing the transition to the area that contains only the tiles.

Set a border line of tiles around the edge of the room containing the hardwood, leading to the room with tile flooring. Place this border around three of the four edges of the room with wooden floor, leaving the edge that connects to the tile room uncovered, except for the tile border snakes from one room to another.