Ideas For The IKEA Playroom Storage

Toy Organizer With Bins

IKEA Playroom Storage – One of the hardest areas in the house to keep clean and tidy is the toy room. Sure, you can hide everything in a closet or box, but be careful when you open the door. Children seem to have an uncanny ability to forget what toys they really have if they cannot see them. You do not have to activate toy storage in unprecedented banking experience. Do-it-yourself storage ideas offer practical solutions. The incorporation of only some of these frugal ideas will reduce clutter, keeping the toys in perfect order.

Do not throw away the old pillowcases when you can use them to store the stuffed toys. Pillowcases are very suitable for dolls, stuffed animals, clothing equipment and balls. Turning a pillowcase into lovely, usable storage is an easy project, even for the novice craftsman. Just fold a pillowcase in half and cut evenly. Sew the bottom seam and make a casing for a loop on top. Thread the thread or material used through the casing of a cord. These bags look pretty hanging on hooks along a wall or stacked in a tall wicker basket.

Decoupage the shoe boxes and lids for easy and attractive storage. Cut over old calendars, cards, magazine photos and even pieces of cloth to cover the box. Use images and colors that complement your toy room. Place these pretty pictures on a shelf. The storage shoe box is ideal for card games, action figures, toy cars, small games and materials that make by hand. Your children will enjoy making their own personal storage system.