Ideas For Make Wood Looking Tile

Design Wood Looking Tile

Wood looking tile – Paint and some other inexpensive supplies are all that is needed to make the plywood look like the tile. Even if you have never painted before, you can create the appearance of bright tile, ceramic on wood. For this imitation painting project to succeed, the primer and paint should be allowed to dry completely between each step. The drying time will depend on the temperature and humidity. Do not try to run this part of the process.

Priming, clean the plywood with a dry dust cloth. The paint will look more realistic when done on a clean surface. Open the choke, and stir well. The primer mixes well when there is no oil or veins of color variation can be seen in it. Pour some primer on a paint tray. It is not necessary to pour all the contents of the can into the tray. Start with a little, and then add more when necessary.

Slide a roller cover over a paint roller frame. Be sure to push the cover until it completely covers the frame, showing only its cover. Push the roller through the primer, dragging it back and forth to cover the roller. Lift the roller up to see if it drips or spills off primers from it. If so, push the roller from one side to another in the dry area of ​​the tray to remove part of the excess paint. The roller should be saturated but not dripping.