Ideas For Install Wood Plank Tile

Wood Plank Tile Style

Wood plank tile are one of the new things in modern floors. Unlike the old square wood tiles, which have the shape of long planks. However, wood tiles are easier to place, because they can be cut with a standard utility knife. They will go directly on most surfaces, firm flat floors.

Ideas for install wood plank tile, remove all the floor trim with your hammer and lever bar. Do not break it while extracting it. Do it aside. Place the first row of wood plank tile along one of the walls, put spacers between the planks and the wall to make a small space there. Connect the boards from end to end by their built-in accessories. Cut the last board at the end of fitting, marking with your knife next to a straight edge, and then break it on the scoreboard.

Start the second one at the opposite end of the first, so the ends of the tables will not line up between the courses. Connect the planks by their sides, press firmly together. Cut the plank at the end as needed. Place the planks of the entire floor course of course, starting with each course at the opposite end of the room. Continue until there is not enough width left for a full cycle. Cut the tables of the final course along their lengths, using your knife and a ruler.