Ideas For Fix A Leaky Tile Shower Base

New Tile Shower Base Design

Tile shower base – When floor tiles covering the shower base develop leaks, this can cause weakening of the floor and possible leakage of the base of the shower on the floor of the bathroom. Shower tile leaks usually develop as a result of inadequate waterproofing of the floor tiles of the initial installation. When fixing and repairing tile leaks in the shower base, you should also take the time to waterproof the tile floor to prevent further leakage.

Shut off the water in the shower, either by using the shut off valve hidden behind a panel on the wall where the shower or main water supply valve is located. Which is typically in the basement or a closet nearby of the hot water heater. Turn the valve handle clockwise until it stops moving to shut off the water supply. Dry the tile floor with a towel to remove water from the floor surface.

Inspect all cracks in the grout. If you find less than five small cracks in the grout, apply the same color from the nozzle used in the original grout work to the small cracks or holes in the tile floor with a spatula, dragging the edge of the spatula into the crack Push the grout completely into the opening and then smooth the spatula over the surface of the crack to remove any excess grout. Use a dry cloth to clean the grout that comes in contact with the surfaces of the tiles before moving on to the next crack.