Ideas For Care Vintage Cast Iron Sink

Best Ideas Vintage Cast Iron Sink

Vintage cast iron sink are durable, long lasting and attractive. It is important to clean and maintain a cast iron sump to increase its longevity. Although these sinks can withstand a large amount of wear. Taking care of them properly will preserve their beauty and ensure that they last for many years. Clean and care for a cast iron sink in the correct manner by taking appropriate measures to prevent the damage and using the right products for cleaning.

Sit a basin shelf or rinse basket on the bottom of the heat sink. This will help protect the sink from scratching dishes. Avoid leaving bags of tea, ground coffee, dirty dishes or other foods or materials in the sink that may leave stains. Some of these items can stain the sink if left in contact with the surface for a long period of time. Rinse the sink after each use. Use a soft cloth to dry the sink to avoid leaving water marks.

Clean the sink with soap and water for general cleaning. Clean the sink with a soft cloth moistened with warm soapy water, then rinse and dry the sink. Moisten a cloth with distilled white vinegar, and clean the sink for high-strength cleaning. Use chlorine if the cast iron sink is white. Rinse and dry the bottom sink after using any cleaning product.