Ideas For Building DIY Log Cabin

Nice DIY Log Cabin

DIY log cabin Perhaps the greatest financial compensation, and one that is the most underrated. The obvious factors are the area and location. Determine the cost per acre in the area you want as well as amenities. Much of the charm of home living is the connection with nature and outdoor activities, but if this is a full-time residence.

A much underestimated cost of building a log cabin is the state of the country and access to tools. Factor in the cost of the foundation, driveway, sewer, water. If you are building in a remote location, these costs can increase by tens of thousands of dollars. It also pays to have a geologist survey the ground before the building. Mountain masses may require special equipment to blow up the rock. It is better to spend a few hundred dollars in advance to get more costly repairs to the home structure later.


It is easy to get rid of the size of a log house with all the options, but this is a crucial factor in the cost. Honestly assess your potential use for the cabin. If it’s a vacation home, how much time during the year will you spend it?. If you plan to use the cabin mainly in hot months, you will probably spend a lot of your time outdoors. Consider a smaller floor plan and more outside living space. If it’s a primary residence, be prepared for more business to enjoy your wonderful home, so a guest will likely pay off.