Ideal Bathroom Sink Dimensions You Should Know

Bathroom Sink Dimensions Info

Bathroom sink dimensions – The washbasin is a small waterhole that was usually found in old 1950s apartments or in country houses. This small washbasin was in most cases located in the toilet. And allowed to wash hands without going through the bathroom. Small in size, it was locate in most cases in the corner of the room. So as to keep maximum space in this cramped place.

Now this small washbasin is back in force in different materials. Such as glass, resin, PVC … In general, the width of a traditional straight ceramic hand basin does not exceed 35 cm in length, so that it can be placed in a small place such as toilets. The depth of a classic straight hand basin oscillates between 23 and 25 cm.

The height of a standard hand basin will not exceed 14.5 cm. For the installation of a fitting, the drilling diameter is 35 mm, and the diameter of the overflow will be 20 mm. Of course, it is possible to find larger washbasins (50 cm maximum). You will not pay the same price for a traditional ceramic hand washbasin as for a designer washbasin. The material of it will play on the price. In fact, a glass or marble hand basin will be more expensive than a ceramic hand basin.