How To Replace Bathroom Sink Strainer

Bathroom Sink Strainer Walmart

Bathroom Sink Strainer – A sink strainer is a basket in which the sink or sink plug fits. The sink strainer also connects the sink drain pipe. You can cure most sink strainer leaks by replacing the worn washers, but when a sink strainer is cracked or damaged, replacement is your only option. Take your old sink strainer to the plumbing store with you to choose the right one. Be sure to remove the old colander from the sink before starting this project.

Apply a long thin roll of plumber’s putty to the bottom edge of the sink strainer. Press the strainer to sink into the sinkhole above the sink. Tighten the sieve safety nut under the sink by turning it clockwise with a tail wrench. Connect the exhaust pipe to the strainer. Tighten the upper slip nut of the drain tube to connect it to the filter by turning the sliding nut to the right with a tail wrench. Tighten the lower slip nut of the drain tube by turning it clockwise with a tail wrench to connect it to the drain pipe.

Remove excess plumber’s putty all from above the sink with a plastic spatula and a clean rag. Test the leakage sump by filling the sink with water and then look under the sink if there are leaks around the filter. Drain the sink and look for leaks around the safety nut strainer and slide nuts on the drain pipe. Tighten the locknut or slide the nuts with a tail wrench if necessary.