How To Repair Shower Faucet Handles

Tub And Shower Faucets With Hand Shower

Shower Faucet Handles – Repairing your two-handle bath shower faucet only takes about an hour for the beginner. A handful of tools and a couple of key pieces are all you need. Repairing your own plumbing facilities can save you a lot of money in the end.

Turn off the main water supply using a meter wrench. The main water shutoff valve is usually found in your front yard near the street. Remove the screws that hold the faucet handles to the stems of the faucet. Pull the stems from the stems. Unscrew mother shields from the tap by hand. Faucet shields are round tubular plates that seal the faucet on the shower wall. Remove the faucet from the stem with a bathtub wrench. Slide the cock key over each tap stem; turn the key to the left to remove the stems. Inspect the faucet seats for damage with a flashlight. The seat is a small hollow bronze screw that is located behind each barrel stem. If the surface of the seat is rough, replace the seat.

Remove the old tap washer with a screwdriver. Bibb unscrews the screw and removes the seat washer from the hood cup from the stem. Install a new rubber grommet on the stem hood; It is fixed with a screw-Bibb. Screw the tap stem into the faucet body using your cock key. Join the shields of the bath shower with your hand. Replace the handle on the stems and fix with the screws on the handle. Set the water meter again. Check the bathroom shower faucet for leaks around the handles, shields, handles and tub spout.