How To Remove A Kohler Kitchen Sink Handle

Kohler K 2214 Ladena Bathroom Sink

Kohler kitchen sink – Kohler has a variety of stylish faucets for use in the kitchen, which include single handles and double handle models. The handles are used to strike a valve stem, which allows water from the water supply hose into the tap spout. Removing a Kohler kitchen sink handle is not difficult. But it is slightly different depending on the type of crane you are going to operate.

Single Handle Cranes

Start with find hot and cold water shut off valves under the sink. Turn the handles on the valves all the way to the right to shut off the water. Next, open the Kohler kitchen faucets and allow some water to drain out. Look for the set screw at the base of the crane handle. Loosen the screw that holds the handle in position using a screwdriver. And pull the handle up and off the crane.

Dual Handle Cranes

Start with turn the hot and cold water supply valves, located under the tap, clockwise to shut off the water. Turn the Kohler taps handles counterclockwise to allow some water to drain out. Next, carefully look at the top of the crane handle and locate the crane cap. These are usually disguised as “hot” or “cold” labels and usually are plastic. Put on the edge of a knife or a small, flat screwdriver under the handle cap and pry it off. After that, loosen the crane handle screw with a screwdriver. Gently twist the handle from side to side and push it up at the end of the stem.