How To Install Wall Mount Bathroom Sink

Wall Mount Sink Lowes

Wall Mount Bathroom Sink – A sink is a bowl-shaped basin and a plumbing fixture is used for hand washing in bathrooms. Today there are many types of sinks that differ in style, appearance, and shape. But, there is one thing that is similar to all sinks. And that is the way they are mounted on the wall. Apart from free-standing sinks that are placed in a kind of a pole or pedestal. Furthermore, it is the most common method of installing a sink is wall mounting.

Mark the exact point on the wall where you want to mount your sink. Moreover, check the location of the drain hole in the wall. Keep the sink bracket, which is included in the kit, against the wall. Position it exactly where you want the heat sink to be. Drill the wall in the places you have marked, to create the holes for the screws that hold the sink bracket.

Mount the bracket to the wall firmly and securely. Moreover, using a wrench tool and the lock channel, connect the necessary tubing to your sink. Mount the heat sink on your bathroom wall by hanging it on the installed brackets. Different models have different ways in which the sink is connected to the support. But the system is always quite simple and easy. Apply a line of silicone putty with a caulking gun around the back edge of your sink to stick it to the wall and make the connection waterproof.