How To Install Tile Shower Floor?

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Tile Shower Floor – Tiling a shower floor starts with the construction of a “shower tray,” the term for the cement sloping under the tiles. A shower tray is actually two layers of cement with a plastic liner between them. That it captures the water that seeps through the grout lines. And onto the bed and diverts it to the drain through the drain holes on the side of the drain assembly. It is complicated, but a competent and dedicated do-it-yourself can complete in a few days. And, of course, save a lot of money in professional installation.

Install the two-piece drain in the central hole of your shower frame. Cut a piece of cement board with the size of the shower floor. By using the razor knife to mark the line and then break it. Mix and rest the first layer of cement on the wheelbarrow, a shovel on the cement board. Put it so it is 1/2 inch thick around the drain.

Place the plastic liner on the sloped cement. Cut the circle for draining the use of your razor, and glue it down around the drain, just below the “drainage holes” on the side of the drain assembly. When the second layer of cement dries, the floor is divided into four sections even using its level and pencil. Mix your grout according to the instructions on the package, and press it on the tile lines, using your rubber trowel. After it dries, apply a second coat and then install the top piece of the drainage set over the tile.