How To Hook Small Wall Mount Sink

Picture Small Wall Mount Sink

Small wall mount sink are usually seen in kitchen or laundry rooms where extra space is needed. Like a regular single sink, double sinks are installed on a bench and hooked directly to the water supply lines. Some double sinks can also come with a waste mill. In any case, double sinks have the same installation process as regular sinks.


Place the small wall mount sink in the hole on the worktop for it and double check that all the plumbing under. Track a pen line around the outer edge of the sink as it rests on the worktop to get a gauge line to use when drifting in. Have all your tools and materials close at hand before installing the sink. Remove the sink from the worktop and run a line of joints around the edge where the sink will sit. Place the sink back into the hole and press down the edges of the silicone joint seal. Wipe up any excess with your finger and a paper towel or napkin. Allow at least 2 hours of drying time before working on the rest of the installation process.

Mount the crane hardware according to the manufacturer’s instructions supplied with the hardware and sink. Use screwdrivers, pliers and duct locks to install the hardware. Follow the instructions that come with the small wall mount sink to the bottom of the double sink. Connect all pipes that come out on the underside of the cabinet or wall to the drain at the bottom of the sink. Cut the necessary cuts with a bow file. Make sure all connections are tight with the pliers and duct locks as you work through, as PVC pipe fittings rely on compression washers.