How To Get The Best Wine Cellar Ideas

Contemporary Wine Cellar In Home

A real wine cellar ideas in your home! Experience our custom wine cellar projects and air-conditioned rooms for wine storage. When designing the premises, it should be note that storage of wines requires compliance with certain conditions. For proper ripening of wine, it is necessary to secure temperature 10-14 degrees in the room. And it is very important to prevent large temperature fluctuations that affect the quality of wine.

The well-equipped turnkey basement should be maintain at relative humidity of 60-80 percent. In dry climates, the plugs in the bottles would dry out. Forming with it the spaces between which the air will penetrate between the stopper. And the walls of the bottles, causing oxidation of the wine. Higher humidity will damage the labels. Wine – a delicate and soft product.

To preserve the bright aroma and flavor of beverages, fresh air must be provide in storage rooms that will protect against the occurrence of bad odors and mold formation. Ultraviolet rays are the cause of unwanted biochemical processes that aggravate its properties in wine. For this reason, wine cellar design should be thought through. So that the effect of sunlight on the wine is minimal. Vibration also has a poor impact on the quality of beverages. So wine cellars need to be well insulated and shelves must be installed stably.