How To Descale A Stainless Steel Double Kitchen Sink

Nice Double Kitchen Sink

Double kitchen sink – Hard water from your pipes causes scale and lime to build up your stainless steel sink, forming an ugly, firm, white or gray crust. In addition to being uninteresting, the concentration of dissolved minerals can pit and eat into the stainless steel cause permanent damage. Descale your stainless steel sink regularly to keep it looking shiny and new.


Connect the drain and put straight vinegar directly into the sink to remove the scale on the inside of the sink.  Wet household paper place them over the stains to combat scale around stainless steel double kitchen sink and fixtures. Allow vinegar to penetrate fixtures for 30 minutes to three hours before scrubbing. Dry with a clean, soft cloth area dry.

Mix a solution of three parts bicarbonate and some water to attack stubbornly, calcium deposits. Allow the mixture to stand for 20 minutes and scrub the area. Rinse with plain water and dry the sink with paper towels. Pour straight hydrogen peroxide liberally onto a nylon scrubbing pad and scour the sink. Let the peroxide bubble around the corners and faucet fixtures to remove the embedded scale. Clean with a soft cloth to leave a nice shine on your double kitchen sink fixtures.