How To Build A Wine Cellar Easy?

Build A Room For Wine Cellar

How to build a wine cellar? Do you have an impressive collection of wines that wine refrigerators can no longer accommodate? Or do you want to start collecting wine and intend to take care of the matter seriously and equip the wine cellar? It is very difficult to arrange proper storage of wines independently, much more convenient to turn to professional help. Our experts not only prepare the project and think through the design of the wine cellar, but also help to understand the features of climatic equipment and select the clean storage rack.

Modern technology makes it possible to arrange the storage of wines in the basement or a room in a house, but in any case it will be necessary to ensure its thermal insulation and density. In addition, you must carefully select and install a special climatic equipment. Wine cellar air conditioners have an important function – unlike traditional air conditioners that cool the room to +18 degrees. They can provide a temperature of 9 to 15 degrees in the interior.

It should be remembered that climatic equipment is different in structures. So in a small wine cellar, which has an adjoining room where the heat will be led, a monoblock can be restricted to air conditioning , but in a larger storage room that has a complex shape, a split system cannot be dispensed with .