Homemade Log Cabin House Plans

Ranch Log Home Floor Plans

Log Cabin House Plans – Incidental planning or no planning at all can make the construction of a log cabin an expensive undertaking. Before building a log cabin, Country Log Cabins says to do some research, put your ideas into a journal, go to a workshop on how-to-build a log cabin, develop a full project budget that also includes unexpected expenses, get the construction site, and then choose a design.

When choosing a floor plan, Country Log Cabins says to think about the present and the future. How many floors? Location of the kitchen and bedrooms? Will there be a garage or home office? Can changes be made as needs change? Is there an area for pets? Will there be electricity or running water? What is the source of heating and air conditioning? What kind of roof and base will it have?

“Mother Earth News” writer Bill Sullivan and his wife built a log cabin in the Oregon woods with savings by using hand tools and on-site timber. Sullivan claims that anyone can build the cabin from 10 by 13 feet building. He modeled the house’s simple style after the stabber-a Norwegian warehouse built on an elevated base of pillars or piles. Before construction, make sure the financing is in place, warns Country wooden cabins. The company emphasizes that proper planning is profitable and gives a log cabin home the potential to be the home of their dreams.