Homemade Kids Room Devider

Awesome Kids Room Devider

Kids room devider work well in every home. They create extra living space in a small room by dividing it into two separate areas. They can also block areas in larger rooms that you want hidden, such as a wardrobe. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to buy a nice room divider or folding screen, try to do one yourself. Buy the materials, and customize the design anyway you want for just a fraction of the price.


Choose two kids room devider that fit the room you decorate or the design you want to create. Doors can be found in a flea market or taken from a wardrobe in your own home. As long as they are folded in the middle, they should work. Place two wardrobe doors side by side. Measure the location of the hinges already on each set of closet doors and copy these measurements to position the hinges to secure the two sets together.

Attach the two sets of doors together with two hinges and one drill. Screws should come with the hinges. The first hinge should be attached near the top, and the other hinged near the bottom. Paint or decorate closet doors. Use a color or stencil to create patterns. Consider adding rub-on stickers, as well as, if your wardrobe doors have enough flat space on them. Stand the kids room devider in the desired position, and adjust it until it is on its own.

Tips and warnings

Paper the recessed panels in your decorative room divider with wallpaper that matches your room’s decor. Make sure children observe caution around folding compartment dividers. Doors like these can be very heavy.