Home Bar Ideas Design

How To Build A Bar

Home Bar Ideas –   One easy way to add fun to your home bar is to include a media center in the design of the house bar. Some even set up several TV screens so that guests can watch several stations at once. The home bar makes a great place to place a game room that includes table tennis, air hockey, pool tables, or a pinball machine. The keyboard is an excellent game to put into the design of the house bar.

Pay attention to the lighting in your home bar. The right lighting is important and will set the atmosphere for your home bar. Lighting can achieve through various sources. The new technology allows you to have a commercial light bar at a fraction of the cost.
One of the biggest trends in home lighting is the use of Traxon’s mood panel. These panels measure 19-1 / 2-inches with a 19-1 / 2 inch square. And are connect to electrical sockets. They come in various colors and can integrate into creating unique lighting sources. The Traxon panel works well behind the bar and creates a special atmosphere.

Disco balls are still a popular choice for home bars. Although it does not offer many ways of lighting, it does a good job of reflecting light and reflecting it off the wall. One thing is certain, you like discos or you hate them. You can find various Tiffany lamps with tinted glass designs. Many Tiffany lamps are placed with sports and liquor logos, and other suitable bar designs.