Hiding Basement Laundry Room

Basement Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Basement laundry room – A decorative disguise keeps your unattractive laundry components hidden while blending in with your home decor. The specific place in the laundry room affects how you hide it. A laundry room that is part of a larger room.


If the washer and dryer are in a separate room, which covers the door opening provides an easy way to hide the space. Measure the door to determine the type of door that will work. An ordinary sliding door is an option for many openings. If you have a larger door, consider sliding doors. Another option is a curtain to cover the porch into the laundry room. If the laundry room is part of another room, an option is to hang a curtain divider to cover the laundry room. You can easily slide the curtain out of the way to do the laundry and push back when you want the laundry hidden.


A bench is another way to hide your washing machine and dryer while adding a functional surface to the room. Install the worktop so that it runs just above the washer and dryer, leaving enough space for ventilation and access to the machines. This option only works for front-loading machines, as the worktop would prevent the lid of a traditional tray from opening. To further hide the washer and dryer, attach large cabinet doors or curtains in front of the machines hanging below the worktop.