Good Tips For Corner Sink Base Cabinet

Corner Kitchen Cabinet

Corner sink base cabinet – How to fix the sink on the cabinet? In the article we will look at several methods of varying degrees of complexity for stainless steel sinks and wash basins made of faience, porcelain or artificial stone. All types of ceramics and polymer concrete are quite fragile. Which, moreover, must compensate for the large thickness of the bowl. The practical consequence is a solid weight. When you turn the mixer taps or button, the sink does not move and does not come out of the edge of the stand.

Therefore, the standard mounting for a hand wash is often absent in the original equipment. However: occasional use of significant effort may. Because the wash basin to move and even fall with an edge inside the drawer. Most of the sinks are equipped with mounting slots for attachment to the brackets.

As a rule, these grooves fall exactly on the ends of the sidewall of the cabinet. To prevent horizontal displacement of the shell. It is sufficient to provide the cabinet with multiple projections at the appropriate locations. How to attach the sink to the cabinet if it is made of thin metal and has a small mass? Clearly, in this case, it is not sufficient to eliminate the likelihood of lateral displacement: the sink must be secured both horizontally and vertically.