Good Design Small Log Cabin Plans

Small Log Cabin Homes Plans Idea

Small log cabin plans – Many log cabin builders leave their cabins unpainted to create a rustic look, but some choose to paint their cabins so they stand out from the rest. Paint logs, either with water-resistant paint or with ordinary acrylic paint and a water-resistant sealer protects the cabins from years of damage from weather causes. The process takes a bit longer than building an unpainted booth, but saves time in the end by eliminating the eventual need to rebuild.

Preparation, strip the bark of your records with an ax or hatchet, while the records are still fresh. Bark hardens to records a few days after they are cut. The surface of the trunks must be smooth to maintain a layer of paint. Remove a flat area of ​​dirt from tree trunks, brush and debris. Consider the access you will have to the roads when you are living or staying in your cabin. The compensation should be large enough to walk on all sides of the cabin when building.

Stakes on the ground, where the corners of the cabin will be. Bow tie around the stakes to represent the four walls. Dig three holes at least 3 feet deep along each of the longer walls for pillars supporting the cabin. Enter information in the registers with an ax. Measure the size of the notches with the records that fit in them. The notches must be adapted to each record separately, since each record has a different shape.