Good Caring For Small Stainless Steel Sink

Bowl Stainless Steel Sink

A kitchen with small stainless steel sink that throws right away! This mixture of metals used to make many kitchen utensils is very design but it would also seem very restrictive. No it’s true. But today there are maintenance techniques to avoid this. Franke is specialist in stainless steel. This stainless steel was brushed to obtain a patina. Smooth stainless steel remains most aesthetic in a kitchen. To take care of your stainless steel sink, I advise you to clean it regularly with just a sponge with scraper for sensitive surface and a liquid maintenance cream. Do not hesitate to rub but it is effective!

Like that you will skate sink yourself. You can also reduce micro-scratches by using our “TWISTER”, all-in-one product, for fast restoration of stainless steel sinks. It’s stupid and it removes your little scratches. You will remove traces of limestone at same time. Its magic and its super simple!

Do you confirm to our readers that we can stop worrying about stainless steel? Yes! It remains a very delicate metal but it is so pretty that it would be a shame to do without it. Of course, it’s even better to buy a quality stainless steel sink. Interview is good but it’s not everything. Stainless steel has durability. It is a recyclable product, guaranteed for life and above all naturally hygienic. But you have to know how to choose a quality stainless steel and also choose suitable accessories.