Fresh Small Sunroom Greenhouse

Build Small Sunroom

If your goal is to overwinter plants, grow vegetables from winter to early spring, orient the small sunroom greenhouse to the south, and the two largest faces to the east and west. West, to make the most of the low sun of winter. In the northern region, where the sun does not heat up, orient the longest faces facing south, thus ensuring the best possible sunshine. In addition, the gables will be placed east-west, so the construction will withstand strong winds better.

If the greenhouse is directly leaning against the wall of the house, preferably the one facing south, this allows to benefit from the heat and the protection of the building. This option makes it possible to exploit the space dedicated to the vegetation as a place of life close to the house. A greenhouse next to the house can be easily connected to the home heating system, electricity and water in the house.

Place the door on the least exposed side to the prevailing wind. Never locate it under or near trees. Finally, avoid valley bottoms or basins, prefer hillsides or flat areas of your land. In case of strong sunshine, the greenhouse effect may overheat your plants. A curtain of sun will protect your seedlings and plantations.