Fresh Kids Room Curtains Ideas

Bedroom Curtain For Kids

Kids room curtains ideas – Rather yellow chick or green anise? United or reasoned? Occultant or sheer? In a child’s room, curtains are an essential decorative element. They dress the windows and set the tone for a room. For a boy’s room ultra-masculine but in a childish spirit, we turn to a shades of green such as anise, linden or khaki. However, if you want a more dynamic atmosphere, choose curtains of bright colors such as yellow, orange or turquoise that can be tempered by the combination of white with furniture.

In a girl’s room, we tend to favor the pink color spontaneously. However, to avoid the total look effect, be sure to use it sparingly. For example, if the walls and bedding are neutral colors, pink curtains will bring a nice girly touch to the room. Also know that it is possible to offer your girls other colors than pink. We think in particular pastel shades such as yellow chick or water green that will bring a little freshness.

Your children are forced to share the same room for space? Help them to do this by installing pretty curtains that can be as suitable for a girl as for a boy. At first, you can opt for neutral colors such as pearl gray, white or cream. You can also wake up these neutral curtains by personalizing them with some touches of more tonic colors.