Free Standing Kitchen Sink Of CECO Product

Kitchen Sink Cabinet

Free Standing Kitchen Sink – In 1928, the CECO Corporation had formed in California and began producing cast iron sink and plumbing products. Since its inception, the Corporation has expanded its product line to include items such as sinks, floor sinks, wood cutting boards, and washbasin items. CECO has its manufacturing facilities in Huntington Park, California as of April 2011.

You can buy CECO sinks with a white, biscuit, almond, bone or black finish. You can also buy some kitchen sinks in designer colors like Bordeaux and pink. Select independent CECO kitchen sink models or models that have a cutout for inserting a key. Additional customization options include single-tub sinks, double-tub sinks, and combination sinks that have a regular-sized tub plus a one-third-size tub. CECO also manufactures sinks that can be mounted under your counter or kitchen cabinets.

The CECO recommends that you use a small amount of cleaning powder sink for clean stains every day and food particles from your CECO kitchen sink. CECO warns against the use of abrasive sponges or steel wool. To clean your kitchen sink because these products can scratch the color finish. To minimize the risk of permanent coloring, do not place tea bags or other substances that may stain the sink.